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Mobility scooter rental

Delivery & pick-up


Simple to operate


Up to 16 km


6 km/h


Short term rental


Long term rental


Coorporate Events




Paris & Disneyland Paris

Whether you’re attending a conference for business, a vacation or even just need additional mobility assistance, we rent  mobility scooters in Paris.
We also deliver scooters to Disneyland Paris.


What kind of scooters do we rent

We have identified three kind of mobility scooters for a stay in Paris.
They correspond to different needs for a stay in Paris.

All of our scooters come pre-charged, serviced and ready to use, with extended range battery.


Lightweight scooters

Can easily be taken apart

This model can easily be taken apart without the need for tools.

Easily transportable with a car

Fits neatly into any car boot.

8 km / h


Up to 16km


More comfortable

Safe, powerful drive

offers a smooth, safe drive in a scooter that is easy to control and manoeuvre.

10 km/h


Up to 26 km / 16 miles


Foldable scooters

Compact, Foldable

You can take this folding mobility scooter on board trains,  buses,  and trams.

6,5 km/h 4mph
Up to 20 km / 13 miles

How to rent an electric scooter

The best way for renting a mobility scooter is by filling our online book  form. 


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